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Our Seismo Wiki

Current Topics

  • BAYES Using Bayesian methods to solve Large Dimensional problems
  • W-phase Fast and reliable moment tensor estimation
  • CMT3D Effects of 3D Earth structure on CMT earthquake parameters (private)
  • EDKS Green's function calculation for elastic layered media (private)
  • VolcSeis Volcano seismology
  • NETOPT Optimization of GPS networks (private)
  • Software Carpentry Information on the software we use for our projects (private)

Old stuff

  • EstOF-250 Dense seismological experiment over a geothermal reservoir (private)
  • inv-conj-geophy : Joint Inversions in Geophysics workshop

Note on usage of this WIKI:

Only this page, “BAYES” and “W-phase” is readable by the outside world. You must be an user or admin to go beyond these pages. Please contact Zacharie Duputel for more info.

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