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inv-conj-geophy: Joint Inversions in Geophysics


  • Anthony Sladen, CNRS and University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis
  • Henriette Sudhaus, University of Potsdam
  • Zacharie Duputel, CNRS and University of Strasbourg


  • Tuesday 9:00-10:30
  • Tuesday 11:00-12:30
  • Tuesday 16:00-17:30
  • Wednesday 14:00-15:30


Introduction (Zacharie)

S1: Geodesy data - Tuesday 9:00-10:30 (Henriette)

  • What are GPS, InSAR, tsunami data
  • Where to get them
  • How to process them (providing a list of tools, websites…)
  • How to predict them (providing a list of tools, websites…)

S2: Implement/test different optimization techniques - Tuesday 11:00-12:30 (Henriette and Anthony)

  • linearized
  • stochastic
  • regularization
  • resolution tests
  • strategies to combine different data sets
  • Hands-on: Kleifarvatn, 2000 Icelandic earthquake
    • Part of S2, or just example on data pred./proc.? (Anthony) → I moved it to S2 (Zacharie)

S3: Seismology(/tsunami?) - Tuesday 16:00-17:30 (Anthony)

  • Where to get data (providing a list of tools, websites…)
  • How to process (providing a list of tools, websites…)
  • Theory behind source inversion
  • Brief extension to slow-slip events?

S4: Bayesian source inversion - Wednesday 14:00 - 15:30 (Zacharie)

  • choices of prior distribution (for static and kinematic parameters),
  • stochastic forward model (geodetic and seismic data),
  • solving the source inversion problem (MCMC, transitional MCMC, hierarchical modelling, model class selection, BIC/ABIC, etc).
  • Simple toy problem to illustrate MCMC


  • Virtual machines?
    • Alessia says it should be possible, files can be uploaded on the website
    • We should discuss with Max Moorkamp
  • Content of theoretical lectures?
    • Tarantola formalism
    • deterministic inversion
    • adjoint-based inversion
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