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W phase solutions for Mw >= 6.5 events between 1990 and 2010


The solutions listed bellow were computed automatically using the W phase CMT algoritm. We used seismological data within Δ<90° from FDSN, GSN and STS1 global virtual networks (most stations are from II, IU and G). For more details please refer to Duputel et al. (2011).
Please click on the table headers if you want to modify the solution sorting. For a given earthquake, the CMTSOLUTION file can be obtained by clicking on the event-id or on the beach ball.

- "Event-ID" is the Global CMT "event name",
- "rms" is the rms data misfit,
- "nrms" is the normalized rms data misfit,
- "dmin" is the minimum epicentral distance,
- "dmax" is the maximum epicentral distance,
- "gap" is the azimuthal gap.

- Global CMT Web Page
- W phase Web Page
- Z. Duputel, L. Rivera, H. Kanamori, G. Hayes, 2011. GJI, in press.

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